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The Golf Spotlight 2014 – Bobby Jones Apparel Fall ’14

I am joined by Bobby Jones President Andy Bell to see their diverse offerings for the Fall. From the modern and technical XH2O line to the classic fashion of … source

Simpac Golf

Promotional Video. source

How to Shoot Golf & Pro Golfers at a Tournament

Photo Shoot Impossible tags along with Pro Photographer Greg Richmond on the PGA golf tour and tells us protocol of when to photograph and fire off your camera after the golfer has made contact… source

How To Hit Out Of A Bunker – Free Golf Tips

Pro or amateur, you’re going to need to know how to hit out of a bunker. For today’s golf lesson, Matt drops us off in a sand trap and shows us how to get out with a minimum of trouble. Once… source

Golf Club Review

Sandy D and Mark Masterson are at it again!!! This time they bring you an in-depth review of a gold-club set that’s been pieced together by Sandy. Watch and … source

Camelback Golf Club

Ty is the official golf course correspondent! Today he’s touring Camelback Golf Club to give you an idea of what this golf course looks like. To learn … source

Golf Spotlight 2016 – Bridgestone JGR Driver

I am joined by Bridgestone Golf Club Marketing Mgr, Josh Kinchen, to look at the all new JGR driver, and the accompanying fairways woods and hybrids. source

Best Golf Courses

Many golf players love to travel from one course to another, as you can always experience something new with a different ground. There are far too many great golf courses around the world, and it is hard to come up with the best one or two just because there can be various views. For me, […]

Golf Tips For Beginners to Get the Basics Right

Golf can be played by everyone wish and capabilities together through its equitable handicap system; it is prevalent. If you don’t have the time or fitness level to play 18 holes (approximately 4 hours) you can play 9. It’s great exercise and is played in picturesque surroundings. Here are some golf tips for beginners – […]

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